What are my health insurance options if I don’t go to college?

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Asked June 25, 2012

1 Answer

Even if you do not go to college, health insurance is not an option you can do without. In fact, aside from the possibility of group rates through the university, attending college will have very little impact on your health insurance at all. Your health insurance options are to seek a group plan, apply for private insurance, or remain on your parent's policy for a few more years.

Insurance law once required you to be a full time student if you wanted to stay on a parent's policy after you turned 18, but recent changes in the law stemming from Obamacare require insurance companies to extend coverage to the children of a policyholder up until they are 26 years old. You must still live in the same house, but you can no longer be denied insurance coverage simply because you are over 18.

Group insurance is available through many different sources, including your employer. If you are not employed or the company does not provide group health insurance to employees, you can still find group rates through organizations such as AAA, Sam's Club, and others. If you are member of the military, you are eligible for group rates through many different insurance companies.

Private insurance for individuals can be expensive, but it is an option for many. Individual health insurance plans are looking for members who are in basically good health, without preexisting conditions. If you qualify for coverage, private insurance is good to have, and will remain in effect regardless of where you move or work.

Finally, you may be able to get coverage through the state or federal government. Medicaid is available for people who earn a low income and do not have any other access to health insurance. If you are a single parent or are currently pregnant, Medicaid has programs designed to help you and you children get the care they need.

Answered June 25, 2012 by Anonymous

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