What happens if my dog bites someone?

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Asked July 2, 2013

1 Answer

Owning a pet introduces new liabilities for their owners. In addition to the insurance needs related to your family and personal property, owning a dog means you have to protect against damages or injuries that the dog may cause. This could include bites, scratches, digging, or other property damage, and in some cases could add up to thousands of dollars quickly. In the case of a dog bite, you might even be faced with a possible lawsuit.

Home insurance is the single best defense against liability concerns of all types. Whether you own the home or rent it, there is a home insurance policy available which will cover your specific needs from your clothing and furniture to your children's toys. Home insurance also includes liability coverage for damages and injuries caused by you and your property, including your pets.

Because some dogs are recognized as being more dangerous than other breeds, you may have trouble getting home insurance if you own a "dangerous" breed such as a pitbull. Some insurers will write the policy but exclude damages and injuries caused by the dog, while other companies will simply increase your premiums to account for the added risk. If your current insurer will not cover your dog, you can shop online on a site like this one to find a policy with a company that will include your dog.

There is no substitute for having liability insurance. If your dog bites someone and you are uninsured, the costs of medical care, legal expenses and other fines could easily cost thousands of dollars and leave you financially ruined. With insurance, you will be protected up to the limits of the policy for all of those costs, plus medical bills and other secondary costs. Even if you think you will never need insurance, it only takes a single claim to make it worthwhile to pay premiums for years before you need the coverage.

Answered July 2, 2013 by Anonymous

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