What if Medical expenses exceed Minimum amount required by PIP (4500.00) in KS

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Asked May 13, 2016

1 Answer

If you live in Kansas, you have to have insurance for your vehicle. In fact, you are mandated to have vehicle insurance that pays for medical expenses up to 4500 dollars. Additionally, this coverage applies to out of state residents, who are injured in a car crash in Kansas. It also is available regardless of who is at fault. Of course, there are many cases when injuries sustained in a crash could go far beyond that. Injuries in from car accidents can be quite serious, and this can result in high medical bills. In fact, injuries from car accidents can reach well into the thousands.

Some car insurance plans available in Kansas provide higher benefits than what is required. In fact, there are car insurance plans that will pay for very high medical bills. Often times, these plans tend to be significantly more expensive.

When the amount exceeds what is covered by car insurance, it is important that you have adequate health coverage. There is a healthcare plan from the federal government, and this is made easily accessible to people at all income levels. Individuals who do not have private health insurance should seek insurance under the government plan. Also, in many cases, employers provide health insurance to their full time employees. Health insurance often pays the vast majority of medical expenses, when a person suffers a car accident, even if the expenses are very high.

Of course, there are quite a number of individuals that do not have healthcare coverage. These individuals will be stuck paying out of pocket, if medical expenses go beyond what is covered by vehicle insurance. Of course, this can result in serious medical debt, in cases of car accidents.

Answered May 16, 2016 by jane

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