What questions should you ask your car insurance agent?

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Asked May 8, 2011

1 Answer

The first thing you need to ask your car insurance agent is exactly what you are covered for. Find out whether you have collision and comprehensive coverages, and how each one affects the cost and coverage of your insurance. If the car is purchased or leased from a dealer, you may be required to carry GAP coverage, so ask whether that is already calculated in your premiums. In most cases, GAP coverage is a rider that is added onto the policy.

Do you have enough coverage? Just because you have the minimum state requirements for insurance coverage does not mean that you have sufficient coverage. For example, if you are found to be at fault in an accident with several injuries, the minimal bodily injury coverage can be exhausted very quickly, leaving you responsible for the remaining costs out of your own pocket.

Will your car be covered if it is hit by an uninsured motorist? Some states require uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage for all vehicles, but other states leave that up to the car owner, while still other states use no-fault insurance where this type of coverage is automatically calculated into the policy. It could be very important to you financially to know exactly where your coverage stands.

Will my rates go up if I get a ticket? Find out what will cause your rates to increase, and how much the rates will go up. The increase will be negligible for safe drivers, but people who have had a few tickets are likely to see sharp rises after even a small claim is filed, or a minor traffic ticket received.

Am I covered for natural disasters? If you live in an area that is prone to earthquakes, tornadoes or hurricanes, to name only a few, it could be important that you obtain the proper coverage for your car. Natural disasters are not generally included in a standard auto insurance policy, but are available as a rider instead. In some locations it may be prohibitively expensive to purchase natural disaster coverage, and you may even be forced to get the coverage from a high-risk insurer rather than a regular car insurance company.

What discounts am I eligible for? Make sure that you are getting the lowest rates possible by directly asking about discounts. You may be eligible for car insurance discounts because you are a safe driver, or because of your occupation. In all, there are more than a dozen discounts available, ranging from the type of car you drive to where you live and park your car. By taking advantage of all available discounts, you can save a respectable portion of your insurance premiums.

Answered May 8, 2011 by Anonymous

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