What can you do if your auto car insurance cancels all medical benefits after your accident?

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Asked April 27, 2011

1 Answer

Find out why the medical coverage was stopped. Insurance companies are only liable for costs up to a specific amount on an insurance policy, usually split into a total liability per accident and a total for the whole policy. If the policy has been maxed out, and that can happen quickly in a serious accident, then no more medical payments are required from the company. Any additional costs are your responsibility, and may be claimed against other coverage such as an umbrella liability policy or paid directly out of pocket.

If the medical coverage was stopped for another reason, ask you can do to get it straightened out. You could be slowed down by incorrect information in the claim, lack of documentation, or any of a number of reasons that prevent immediate medical payments but would not necessarily mean they were refused. Contact the insurance company and then gather the information you need to speed the process along. Be polite, but stress the importance of making progress on your claim.

You can seek legal help, but bear in mind that if your claim is being denied the insurance companies may be willing to fight your claim. Bringing an attorney into the case should be done as a last resort, when all other efforts have failed. Keep in mind that winning a suit also entails the attorney to a fee, and filing for medical damages alone may leave you liable for legal fees that are just as financially challenging.

Beyond these things, your recourse is pay the costs out of pocket. This eventuality is the reason having sufficient coverage is important, as most people are not in a financial situation where paying thousands of dollars in medical fees is a realistic scenario. Without insurance to reduce the burden, the costs of medical treatment can threaten the economy of a household or leave injured persons without their necessary treatments.

Answered April 27, 2011 by Anonymous

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