When should I consider purchasing car insurance on a new vehicle?

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Asked September 3, 2013

1 Answer

Auto insurance is written for the vehicle, not the driver of the vehicle. Once the car is insured, it will be insured for all listed licensed drivers you name, but the cost of insurance is based in part on the statistics concerning the vehicle itself. You can begin to shop for coverage as soon as you know the vehicle make and model you are going to buy, but you cannot finalize the coverage until the car is yours to insure.

Start with this website to get a free online car insurance quote. You will need the Vehicle Identification Number of the car you want to insure to actually purchase the coverage, but you can supply the make and model to get your quote without knowing the individual Vehicle Identification Number. The quote will be compared with quotes from several leading insurers, so you will have a good idea of what a typical policy is going to cost.

As soon as you know the date you will be picking up your new car, set the start date for your new insurance policy. The insurance company will allow you to specify the date you want coverage to start, so you can purchase the policy days or even weeks ahead of actually buying a new car. The key is to know the VIN of the new car so that it can be properly insured. Depending on the make and model you buy, your premiums have the potential to be much higher or lower than the average cost of car insurance.

The simple answer is that you buy auto insurance on a new car when you take possession of the car. Auto insurance is not a personal insurance policy, it is a policy written for a specific vehicle that will be operated by listed drivers. As soon as know you are getting a particular new car, go ahead and get the insurance, because that will save you time when you a pick up the car.

Answered September 3, 2013 by Anonymous

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