Where can I gets commercial insurance quotes?

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Asked October 14, 2013

1 Answer

Commercial insurance is usually available from the same places where you purchase individual insurance. Not all insurance companies offer commercial coverage, but a majority of them do. If you purchase your coverage through an insurance broker, they can help you get the best price from a number of companies, rather than having to contact each company yourself.

This website is a good place to start looking for commercial insurance. Fill in the form to receive a free online quote, and you will also get free comparison quotes to show how the offer stacks up against leading competitors. This site also offers a wealth of information about commercial insurance to assist you in determining what coverages you need and how to get the most from your insurance investment.

There are several types of commercial insurance to be considered. Commercial auto insurance would cover your company vehicles, while commercial property insurance would cover your place of business. In these two areas, every business will have different needs, but all of them will include liability coverage of some sort. Depending on the type of business, this may be general or professional liability insurance.

Even if you do not have a building or company vehicles, most commercial businesses should carry a comprehensive Business Owners Policy. A BOP includes general liability and other coverages bundled together for your specific business needs. Like car insurance, the specifics of the policy vary from company to company, both in bundled packages, policy limits, and the cost of premiums. BOP policies are available from most major insurance companies and insurance brokerages.

Answered October 14, 2013 by Anonymous

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