Which auto insurance company has the best prices in the DC/MD area?

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Asked May 1, 2012

1 Answer

No matter where you live, the same method of finding the best prices can be used. Start by considering what kind of coverage you need, then compare quotes to see who have the lower prices, and then finish up by checking the financial stability of the companies you like best. The best rates for one person will not be the same as what another gets, because each policy is designed around the person and car the policy is written for.

You can reduce the cost of coverage by driving an older car, or one that is highly rated for highway safety. Additionally, you may not need collision coverage on an older car, and that could save you even more. And you may not know it, but a 4 door sedan is cheaper to insure than the equivalent car in a 2 door model. By using the discounts that available for your choice of car, you can save a great deal of money on your annual premiums.

Once you know what kind of car you want and how it can save you on insurance, go and get a free online car insurance quote. That will let you compare rates between multiple companies and you can narrow down your choices to only the best deals on the market. To get an idea of average rates, take a look at our Washing DC insurance guide or Maryland insurance guide. After getting some online quotes, you may only have a couple of companies left to choose from, and that's where comparing the ratings can make the final decision.

It is important to know which companies have the best financial outlook, how well they respond to their customers, and where else the company is licensed to sell coverage. For that information, comparing company reviews and ratings will provide you with insight that can be used to make the final choice for your auto insurance in the DC or MD areas.

Answered May 1, 2012 by Anonymous

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