Which factors affect car insurance rates for teens?

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Asked March 19, 2012

1 Answer

Young drivers, especially in their teens, are labeled as some of the riskiest drivers on the road. Statistically, teen drivers are notorious for speeding, failing to wear seat restraints, and other bad driving habits, coupled with little or no previous driving experience. The result is car insurance premiums that could be as much as twice as high as an older driver with a fair driving record.

Teen drivers, especially boys, are eager to impress others with their car. They will squeal tires, drive fast, refuse to wear seatbelts, and partake in all manner of risky driving behavior. Teens are far more likely to be involved in accidents than older drivers, and teen fatalities are more common than among older drivers. Because teens are statistically more dangerous on the road, they are a lot more expensive to insure.

Another factor that cause higher insurance rates for teens is their lack of driving experience. It takes years of driving to gain the experience necessary to deal with sudden emergencies on the roadways. Even little things such as how far off the roadway to pull the car when you have a flat, learning to watch what is happening with other cars in your immediate vicinity, and understanding when and how turn and emergency signals should be used require practice that new drivers have not had time to accumulate. Taking a driver education course will help give teens that experience and insurance companies will give discounts to teens who take such a course.

Because the cost of car insurance for teens is so expensive, it might be best for young drivers to remain on their parents insurance for a few years. By law, insurance companies allow drivers up to age 25 to be covered by the insurance of a parent. The vehicle will have to be registered in the parent's name, but the savings can be as much as half or more what the rate would be for the teen driver alone.

Getting the cheapest car insurance takes a little bit of work but can help you save hundreds on your policy.

Answered March 19, 2012 by Anonymous

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