Who is responsible for maintaining insurance on a vehicle?

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I am divorcing… The vehicle title is in my name but she is listed as the driver…

Asked April 25, 2017

1 Answer

Alabama is an equal division state when it comes to property ownership and responsibility. This includes insurance obligations. Divorce courts will decide financial burdens according to conditions before and after marital contracts. The most important factor isn't who ownes a vehicle, but who bought the vehicle prior to a marriage arrangement. Alabama divorce law takes into consideration the property each party brings into a marital contract.

Alabama courts must equally divide property ownership and responsibility between partners. These precise determinations must be weighed when considering a property obligation like vehicle insurance payments during a divorce. In Alabama, the primary use of of a vehicle is far less important than the title.

A vehicle in Alabama that is used during a divorce must be insured by the person who purchased it. This includes vehicle purchases that are made prior to nuptial agreements. Though other people like spouses are listed as primary drivers, owners are responsible for paying insurance premiums. Alabama divorce settlements almost always take purchases into consideration when dividing property. Car insurance obligations are almost always foisted upon the owner of vehicles caught in a divorce settlement. No matter the parties that are associated with a vehicle before a divorce, obligations like insurance payments are almost always levied on the original car owner.

This means that a husband will likely be responsible for full car insurance premium payments, even if the wife is listed as the driver. Alabama law is more concerned with ownership than any other aspect. Divorce settlements in Alabama create examples for all couples who are concerned about their obligations. Auto insurance responsibility is one area where knowledge is power in experiencing a positive result.

Answered April 28, 2017 by JDouglas

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