Who is the best car insurance company?

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Asked July 13, 2010

1 Answer

There is no objective answer to your question. Even the worst insurance companies will have some customers who have been extremely satisfied, and the best ones will have outstanding complaints. Look into which companies have received the most complaints in your state, and how those problems were resolved, talk to friends and relatives, and ask people who have regular interactions with the insurance claims department. Visit websites such as J.D. Power and A.M. Best and find how the companies are listed by professional indexes. Finding the best company entails doing a little investigation and consideration.

The people you know will all have an opinion about car insurance companies, and most are happy to share their experiences, both good and bad. You may also want to contact a few collision repair shops and find out what kind of experiences they have had with different insurance companies. Your state will have an insurance website where official complaints and filings are available, along with other information about insurance company responsibilities and performance records in your area.

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Getting low cost car insurance is important, but being insured by a company that stands behind their customers is vital as well. You should purchase all of the coverage you need, but shop around for the companies that offer the most competitive rates without scrimping on customer service.

There are many online ratings for insurance companies, but you should be aware that most of these consumer ratings are skewed in favor of the sponsoring insurance company and may not actually reflect the consensus of the population at large. You can usually depend on the larger companies, such as Geico or State Farm or even online brokers such as Esurance, but there will still be major differences in the number of complaints received and how well those incidents were handled from one state to another.

Answered July 13, 2010 by Anonymous

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