Why do you need indemnity insurance on a mobile home site?

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Asked July 12, 2011

1 Answer

Indemnity insurance is used to protect a business or employer against claims made by clients or customers. For a mobile home site, this might include bodily injury or property damage claims, and may also include less tangible claims such as accidental breach of contract or even employees who mislead or misrepresent the company to clients.

Indemnity also covers loss or property damage related to negligent acts, along with claims resulting from copyright or trademark infringement, such as accidental infringement caused by the used of popular cartoon characters. Along with the actual damages covered by indemnity insurance, the business is also protected against legal actions and costs, up to the value of the policy. This could be beneficial if a client files suit against the company, offsetting or eliminating the costs of defending yourself against such legal actions.

Any business that is open to the public should be covered under indemnity insurance, including mobile home sites, retail outlets and even private contractors. Even though sufficient coverage means spending a little more in operational overhead, the potential savings could mean the difference between your business becoming a success or succumbing to the costs of ordinary operation.

Indemnity coverage is meant to protect your company against accidents and damages, both actual and intellectual. It provides protection against employee theft or misconduct in relation to clients and work sites, and will even pay for the legal bills that result from company negligence.

Answered July 12, 2011 by Anonymous

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