will full coverage cover property stolen out of my car due to break in?

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Asked August 20, 2018

1 Answer

The term full coverage" doesn't actually mean any particular set of coverages on your vehicle. People tend to think of "full coverage" as their having liability, comprehensive, and collision on their vehicle. It can also mean having uninsured motorist, personal injury protection, towing and roadside assistance, gap coverage, or a number of other coverages.

If your vehicle is broken into than the coverage that comes into play is comprehensive. This coverage is only for the vehicle itself and the items that are physically part of the vehicle. This includes the radio, speaker system, and those sorts of things.

The comprehensive coverage on your auto insurance policy, though, does not cover other content you have in the vehicle such as laptops, gaming devices, cash, clothes, etc.

In order to have these items covered, you will need to have either homeowner's insurance or renter's insurance. If you have one of these types of policies you will need to file a separate claim for the personal belongings you had in the vehicle. This will have a separate deductible to pay as well, separate from the comprehensive deductible you will be paying on your auto insurance policy if your car was damaged when it was broken in to.""

Answered August 21, 2018 by FirstLight

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