Will insurance company pay for rental until repairs made?

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Asked July 12, 2016

1 Answer

The crux of your argument lies in what your insurance company will pay for. The insurance company has set up coverage to help you pay for repairs to your car, and you may have chosen any style of coverage you wanted. This brief article explains the kind of coverage you will receive, and there is a look at how you will find rental coverage for your repairs.

Rental Coverage Is Not Guaranteed

Rental coverage is not guaranteed in any state. You may have a policy that pays for rental coverage, but it is quite possible that you do not. The choice is yours when you select your coverage, and you may choose to alter your coverage if you do not have rental coverage today.

Why Would You Need Rental Coverage?

Rental coverage will help you acquire a car that is paid for by the insurance carrier while your vehicle is in for repairs. Repairs could take quite a long time, and you must have a car to drive in the interim. You will use the rental for as long as you please, and you may select the style of car you receive. You may need a vehicle that carries the whole family, or you may need a car that only houses you and your personal items.

Selecting Proper Coverage For The Future

Proper coverage for the future must be selected before you sign on the dotted line for your insurance policy. The proper choice is an policy that allows for rental coverage. There may be stipulations, but you will quickly learn the stipulations from your insurance agent.

Rental coverage is not guaranteed in Pennsylvania, but you have the option to select coverage that helps you keep your vehicle on the road. Find a proper insurance agent to help with the process.

Answered July 13, 2016 by bestrates

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