Will renters insurance provide coverage for a dog?

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Asked August 8, 2014

1 Answer

Renters insurance, like other types of home insurance, varies by the state where the home is located and the company issuing the policy. Additionally, the type of pet you own may have an effect on your renter's insurance coverage. You will need to check your policy or consult the insurance provider to find out exactly what is covered by your policy.

Renters insurance may cover some pets, but not others. Dogs are common exception, and your policy may cover some breeds but exclude others. Furthermore, owning some breeds of dogs, designated as dangerous breeds, may negate your renters insurance completely, meaning that not only is the dog not covered, but that your policy can be cancelled.

Another reason that dogs may interfere with your renters insurance is because of the liability issues a dog may cause. Dog bites are the most commonly considered type of liability, but the issues go much farther than that, including damage to carpets, furniture, or even doors, walls, and windows. For example, insurance companies may be reluctant to insure a dog owner because of the likelihood of the dog damaging window blinds or curtains, or because of the possibility of pest infestations such as fleas.

Most renters' insurance policies will not provide coverage for the animal itself, even if they protect you against pet-caused liabilities. If your pet is injured as a result of a defect in the home or something you could have prevented, such as a dog tipping over a boiling pot, you are almost certainly not going to be covered by your policy or the policy of the owner of the home.

In most cases, it is best to check with your insurance before you get a dog, if possible. If your current insurer does not offer coverage, you still have the option of changing insurance coverage in favor of a company that does cover your pet. In that case you may be able to get a better deal on your renters insurance as well as coverage for your dog by going through an insurance brokerage such as this website.

Answered August 8, 2014 by Anonymous

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