How would I go about changing Homeowners insurance rules and regulations?

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Specifically, How can we change the rules on owning a specific breed of dog? The rule stands in my state that my insurance policy can be canceled at anytime if they discover I own one of the dangerous type” dog breeds.

While I understand why these rules are in place, to deter people from owning these so called monsters, not every dog of this specific breed falls into that category. It isn’t fair to throw them all into the same category.

This rule needs to be changed/ modified and I am needing info on the steps to take in order to change this, thank you.””

Asked February 4, 2019

1 Answer

To change the homeowner’s insurance laws in Mississippi, you should contact the Insurance Department of the State. The mission of the department is to provide the citizens of the state with the maximum amount of consumer protection. The Policy Holder’s Bill of Rights gives rights to policy holders to change the law. The 7th right under the Bill of Rights states that “Policy Holders shall have the right to balanced and positive regulation by the Mississippi Department of Insurance.” The personnel of the department should bring your problem before the Commissioner of Insurance who may seek the opinion of the Attorney General and make efforts to change regulations regarding dangerous dogs.
If the Mississippi Insurance Department is unable to help you change the regulations regarding dangerous dogs under your homeowner’s insurance you could seek the help of your local state legislator. The state legislator may propose changes to the insurance regulations in the house.

If the State legislator does not help you in your effort to change the law regarding dangerous dogs under your homeowner’s insurance policy, you will need to consult an attorney. Before choosing an attorney to help you change laws and regulations, you should find the names of firms or attorneys who are experienced in representing clients in these matters. You should schedule an appointment after making a short list of attorneys and chose a suitable attorney to help you with your problem. You should choose an attorney based on your comfort level in explaining your problem, you should choose an attorney who has addressed similar problems for other clients previously, you should choose an attorney who is located nearby so that you can schedule meetings conveniently and you should consult an attorney who charges an affordable fee for representing your case.

Answered February 8, 2019 by IndyIns

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