If my auto insurance cancels how much grace period is there after the due date?

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Asked March 9, 2015

1 Answer

The due date on your insurance premiums is a moot point if you are informed that you auto insurance is going to be canceled. Instead, the cancellation notice will include a termination date which tells you exactly when the final day of your coverage will be. It is then your responsibility to secure a new policy before the old one ends.

Many times, a cancellation will include the steps you can take to keep the policy active. This might include paying the past due portion of the bill by a certain date, providing additional information to the insurance company, or other things. If your notice of intent to cancel contained such steps, you can return the policy to active status by conforming to insurance company requests by the date listed in the notice.

If there are no provisions for restoring your policy in the notice, your only option is to find a replacement policy before the termination date. Start on a website like this one, which offers quotes from multiple insurance companies. You can compare several quotes in one location, and can sign up for the policy you choose on the spot without having to leave your home. Once the policy is purchased, you can even print out your new insurance cards so that your new policy will be effective right away.

If you wish to wait until the old policy ends, set up the new coverage to begin the day before the other one terminates. This will give you one day of overlapping coverage, but will prevent the old company from submitting your insurance cancellation to the DMV, which could result in the suspension of your vehicle registration or driver's license. The key is to have a new policy in force before the old one ends, or your cancellation will be automatically reported and correcting the issue will be much more complicated.

Answered March 22, 2015 by Anonymous

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