Can I buy homeowners insurance from Geico?

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Asked September 9, 2013

1 Answer

Geico, short for Government Employees Insurance Company, is one of the largest car insurance companies in North America. The company began as a government-only insurance company, but has been providing coverage to the general public for more many years. In addition to providing car insurance, Geico also makes other types of insurance available to their customers, underwritten by separate insurance companies.

If you are a Geico customer and need to purchase home insurance, the company offers home insurance through many different companies in order to meet most needs. Similarly, other types of coverage are offered through the company from one or more partner companies. You will not be purchasing the coverage directly from Geico, but you can purchase it through the Geico Company. This is possible because Geico foresaw the need of multiple types of coverage for their customers, but declined to expand and possibly the dilute the quality of their current offerings.

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One advantage of purchasing your home insurance through a Geico partner is that Geico will screen the companies for you to make sure that you are dealing with a stable and well-0rated insurance company. Geico does this to protect their own reputation, but it works out well for you because it reduces the research you need to do before you purchase the policy. It is still a good idea to check an insurance company out with a ratings company such as the A.M. Best Company, but you can still rest easier knowing that an insurance company like Geico has done most of the work for you.

Geico partners companies may not be licensed to sell home insurance in all states. Because insurance is regulated by each state, you may discover that homeowner's insurance companies are not the same throughout the country. For example, two major insurance companies have drastically reduced or completely eliminated their Florida home insurance businesses, citing the growing cost of insurance claims as a major determining factor.

Answered September 9, 2013 by Anonymous

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