Can I get affordable health insurance from AARP?

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Asked May 16, 2012

1 Answer

AARP does not sell health or other types of policies directly but they do partner with leading insurance providers to offer coverage to their members. In many ways, this could be to your advantage, because you can rely on AARP's standards to limit the choices of health insurance providers, and to fill in gaps that other coverages may leave. It is still a good idea to do your own research, but having an organization as reputable as the AARP on your side from the beginning will be a wonderful asset.

One of the factors that makes AARP insurance affordable is that health insurance is provided as group insurance, which means that members can qualify despite preexisting conditions, and being a group policy means lower rates for all AARP members. The idea is that having more people distributes the cost of coverage more evenly, and that translates into the discounted rates group insurance policies offer.

AARP health insurance includes major medical insurance, supplemental hospital care coverage, Medicare plans for supplemental coverage, the Medicare Advantage Plan, prescriptions, and even plans which include dental, vision, and hearing. And if your medical needs should go beyond standard health coverage, AARP members also have access to long term care insurance at group policy rates. For example, you could have your primary coverage through a spouse's policy, but use the prescription coverage through AARP to lower your out of pocket costs even more.

If you or your spouse is an AARP member, group insurance rates are closer than you think, even if you already have a preexisting problem that needs regular care. You can find out more about AARP insurance offerings and the companies they work with by reading an AARP insurance review.

Answered May 16, 2012 by Anonymous

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