Can i include my sibling who lives outside the U. S. as beneficiary?

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Asked July 17, 2018

1 Answer

Yes, you can include a foreign national as a beneficiary on your life insurance policy. Be sure to include as much contact information as possible on your policy as contacting someone outside of the United States could be difficult. Try to include all of the below information for your sibling.

  • Full legal first and last name
  • Their Date of Birth
  • Social Security Number, if they have one
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • Benefit percentage – this is used if you want to have several beneficiaries. For example, you have two sisters, and you want each one of them to receive 50% of your death benefit.

Another thing to keep in mind is the difficulty for your sibling to contact the correct company in the event of your death, so be sure to provide all of the information below to your beneficiary to make the process smoother for them.

  • Life insurance company name and phone number
  • Policy Number
  • The phone number of the agent on record
  • Death benefit amount
  • The names of any other beneficiaries you may have. All of the beneficiaries need to be included during the death claim in order for the insurance company to pay the benefits.

A final thing to consider is the tax code for the county that the beneficiary lives in. Consult with an international tax attorney to determine whether there will be any tax issues for them.

Answered July 18, 2018 by larson82

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