can I look up my policy on line with Union FIdelity Life Insurance Co?

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Asked April 3, 2018

2 Answers

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Although many insurance companies provide policyholders with direct access to their policies via the main business website, other companies only permit access through a third-party insurance broker. It doesn't appear that the Union Fidelity Life Insurance Company offers online business website support.

Since you don't mention your geographic location or how you set up your policy with Union Fidelity Life Insurance Company, your best bet to obtain the answer to your question is to contact the insurance agent who assisted you with setting up the policy. You should also attempt to reach Union Fidelity Life Insurance Company directly at (800)621-0393 to ask for assistance.

If you previously attempted to reach Union Fidelity Life Insurance Company without success or failed to receive the assistance you need, you should consider filing a complaint report through the Better Business Bureau. Union Fidelity Life Insurance Company representatives have addressed complaints in the past directly through the Better Business Bureau's website.

Why is this action important? Other policyholders have previously complained to the BBB that they were unable to reach Union Fidelity Life Insurance Company about their policies by phone or mail. Several had to make multiple attempts to resolve issues with their policies. If you have experienced these types of problems, it's incredibly important that you inform the BBB. A positive or negative Better Business Bureau rating impacts insurance carriers in different ways. Additionally, again, the company took policyholder complaints through the BBB seriously enough to attempt to resolve them.

Answered April 13, 2018 by doclee

Unfortunately, no. Union Fidelity Life Insurance does not offer a website. In order to look up a policy or make changes to a policy, you will need to either call them or send them a letter. Below is their phone number and mailing address:

(800) 621-0393

Insurance Administrative Services (AIS)
PO Box 507
Minneapolis, MN 55440"

Answered April 11, 2018 by insdad

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