How can I cancel my health insurance coverage and switch to another company?

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Asked January 15, 2016

1 Answer

If you want to cancel your health insurance and pick up a policy elsewhere, the process may be easier than you had thought. Not long ago, insurance companies required you to provide a written cancellation by mail, but that is no longer the case.

If you have a copy of the policy available, or an insurance card, check to see if the customer service number for the insurer is provided on either of those documents. If it is, you can probably cancel your current policy by simply calling the number provided. You can still use a written notice if you wish, but it probably is not necessary.

If you use a written notice, make a copy of the letter for your records. If you cancel by phone, be sure to make a note of the date and time, and list the names of any representatives you talk to. If a problem with the cancellation develops, you will need this information in order to verify that you did cancel the policy.

Another option is to simply allow the policy to cancel for nonpayment. If you stop making your premium payments, the policy will cancel automatically after 30 days of not being paid. The advantage of cancelling in this manner is that you can change your mind any time during the 30 day period and reinstate the policy by bringing the premiums up to date.

Getting new coverage can be done in a few ways. First, you can contact the insurance company of choice and apply, either online or over the phone. This method may be the most expensive route, as you are limited in policy options and costs. Second, you can use the Internet, typically through a brokerage such as this website. This method is generally cheaper than buying direct from an insurer as an independent agent or broker will offer you a range of options from multiple insurance providers. Finally, you can use the new health insurance marketplaces provided by your state of residence or through the federal marketplace at

Answered January 19, 2016 by Anonymous

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