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Son bought a car in CA, did not register title, lost documents from seller. ( Ugh) have contacted seller who refuses to sign anymore paperwork ( he did his part) car was brought to NC and was totalled ( other parties fault) the ins co have paid out part of the loss but are waiting on the title for the remainder. How can he get it and if he doesn’t can we just walk away without the car?”

Asked April 11, 2018

1 Answer

Ask the seller if they have a copy of the documents as opposed to signing any new paper work. The copy of the document should be held by the seller for at least the period of the warranty on the purchase of the vehicle. You do not need a new certificate of title when the car is being sold to a new buyer.

Fill out the application for Duplicate or Paperless Title (Form REG 227), and give that to the new buyer. The buyer will then be able to fill out the section for new registered owners. The buyer will likely also ask for a vehicle history report, so that they know about the previous damage to the car.

You can gift the car if the insurance company will not pay you the full claim, but you will likely not make much money that way.

Answered April 16, 2018 by kdw

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