my daughter lives in a home i own is her items covered under home owners policy in case of theft that i purchased?

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she is not a renter but i am helping her out ???

Asked April 20, 2016

1 Answer

Yes, you and your daughter's belongings are indeed covered under a homeowners policy whether you purchased the items or your daughter purchased them. All homeowners that invest part of their income towards a homeowners insurance policy are required to list a name that is insured. The person listed on the policy is the one who may receive the greatest portion of coverage in the policy, including liability insurance, property insurance and personal property insurance. If something were to happen to your home, the person named on the policy shall be the one to make the claim.

The fact is, any persons who reside in the home are also taken care of by liability and personal property insurance. The only stipulation is that they must be related to you, such as children or an elderly parent. Even if your daughter moves in with you after school, she would be covered for liability and personal property insurance. She would be covered even if she is age 21 or over. A non-relative, however, would not be covered.

Members of your household will receive property coverage under your homeowners policy. The great news is that a child's personal property is covered under the parent's policy even if the child is away at college. If your child resides lives in an on campus dormitory, most of their possessions will be covered under their parent's homeowners policy. However, if your child resides off campus, he or she is not covered and must purchase their own renter's insurance.

Answered April 21, 2016 by Insurity

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