Does AARP offer group health insurance coverage?

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Asked August 1, 2015

1 Answer

Among the many benefits available to members of AARP is access to insurance of many different types. As a member, you can purchase group health insurance, supplementary insurance, car insurance, life insurance, and other plans tailored for members over 50. What you need to know is that the insurance you are purchasing is not furnished by AARP, but through affiliate insurance companies. On the AARP website, members are encouraged to shop and compare insurance companies prior to making a purchase decision.

AARP health insurance is provided through several insurers, including the Aetna Insurance. However, some of the member companies are withdrawing from the health insurance offering during the final months of 2013. Because of the range and requirements of health insurance plans under the Affordable Care Act, these companies feel that member needs can be best address through their respective state or federal health insurance exchange.

AARP still offers Medicare and many different supplemental plans, through insurers such as the Hartford. Regardless of your primary health insurance, many of these supplemental plans still have tremendous value. You will have to seek out your health insurance coverage through other sources, but AARP can help you save money on vision, dental, long term care, and other services not typically covered under a standard health insurance plan. AARP still offers access to Medicare and the various plans included under Medicare, so if you are hoping to use Medicare as your insurance coverage of choice, AARP is still going to have some help to offer.

If you are in need of a health insurance plan that you cannot get from AARP, you could fill out a form on this website to get a free health insurance quote from multiple leading providers. This website acts as an independent agent, providing you with a range of insurance choices by offering products from several competing insurers. This means you can do more shopping in less time, and will automatically see the plans that fit your needs and budget.

Answered August 4, 2015 by Anonymous

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