Does car insurance cover me if my vehicle is involved in a hit and run accident?

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Asked September 16, 2015

1 Answer

In many cases, your uninsured motorist insurance coverage will cover hit and run cases. A few states will not allow uninsured motorist insurance to cover in the case of a hit and run. In these states, the collision coverage will cover it. If the hit and run driver can be identified, a claim will be filed with his insurance company. Otherwise it will go through your own insurance company.

There are hit and run accidents in which you see the other car, and accidents in which you return to your car to find it damaged and have no idea who did the damage. Hit and run accidents can also happen to property other than your car, or to you personally. The following information will be helpful regardless of the type of hit and run accident you are involved in.

For instance, someone sideswipes you on the road and keeps going, or you may be parked and you see someone back into your car. In this case, you know a little about who it is that damaged your car. Quickly get as much of the following information as possible:

  • Make, model, color, and license number of the car that hit you.
  • Look for any possible witnesses, and get their contact information.
  • Record the exact location of the accident.
  • Take pictures of the accident scene.
  • Take pictures of the damage to your car.

In another example, you may be parked and return to find damage to your car. The driver at fault has left no contact information. The information you can gather will be limited, but try to get the following:

  • Approximate time of the accident.
  • The exact location.
  • Take a picture of the damage.

As soon as you have recorded as much of this information as possible, call the police and file an accident report. Give them a copy of all of the information you have gathered.

Next you will need to file a hit and run claim with your insurance company.

Some states waive the deductible for hit and run claims. Whether this claim will cause an increase in your insurance rates depends on what state you live in. You will need to contact your insurance agent for more information on this.

Answered September 17, 2015 by BlockO

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