Does Southern General Insurance Still Sell Insurance?

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Asked March 5, 2013

1 Answer

The Southern General Insurance Company was a fire and casualty insurance company, based in Atlanta, Georgia. The company has been bought by the Jinks S G Limited Partnership, and is no longer selling insurance under its own company name. Furthermore, the parent company was recently downgraded by the A.M. Best Company, indicating that the parent company is still undergoing turmoil from the financial collapse of 2007-2008.

Company History
Founded in 1979 in Atlanta, the Southern General Insurance Company was a general commercial and specialty insurance company. During the financial shakeups of the 2007 recession, Southern General Insurance Company faltered and was subsequently acquired by the Jinks S G Limited Partnership, where Southern General Insurance Company became a holding company under the parent corporation.

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Company Ratings
Southern General Insurance Company is no longer an individually rated company. Their current rating is inherited from the parent company, and is less than admirable. In January of 2013, the parent company was downgraded from "B+" to "B" (Fair). Additionally, the long term outlook for the parent was downgraded from "bb" to "b+," indicating that the company may be financially strapped if a surge of claims should be filed due to a major catastrophe or other financial turmoil.

Insurance Products Offered
Southern General Insurance Company sold insurance policies to businesses and commercial ventures. Policies sold by them included aviation, business liability, fire insurance, and commercial casualty coverage's. The company no longer sells insurance policies of any sort, and simply acts as a holding company for the parent corporation.

Answered March 5, 2013 by Anonymous

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