In a dwelling policy, what are the other structures that are covered

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Asked February 8, 2016

1 Answer

Home insurance policies in Florida often cover other structures that are located on the insured premises. It is important to have full coverage that includes all buildings and additions that are disconnected from the house because they also have financial value. Included in most polices are sheds, driveways, swimming pools, gazebos, fences, and detached garages. Attached garages are included as part of the house itself and is thereby in that section of the policy.

Personal property that is stored in a building or shed needs to be insured. Most home owner insurance policies automatically have a personal value amount that is covered. The exact number depends on what is on the property and the financial number that is assigned to it. For example, if there is a collectible car that is stored in the detached garage, it needs to have extra coverage to make sure it is fully covered.

Structures that are not attached to the home may be even more susceptible to damage during increment weather. There is always a chance that the unthinkable can happen and that is why having the right amount of insurance on all structures and property is important. People living in certain areas of Florida are at a higher risk for weather related damage because of hurricanes. Many mortgage companies in these areas require hurricane insurance. All structures, including property, should also be covered for fire and theft.

The standard homeowners insurance policy usually covers the structure, personal, belonging, liability, other structures, and property on the premises. Other structures normally includes sheds, driveways, swimming pools, gazebos, fences, and detached garages. Always check the policy to make sure that the current coverage takes care of all of these, and if there are any questions, contact the insurance agent as soon as possible. Never let nature take its course by assuming that all structures are included. Assess the needs and make sure that everything is included.

Answered February 9, 2016 by fl_pc

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