my father did not have USAA, however, was in the military. Am I eligible if he is now deceased?

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Asked August 24, 2016

1 Answer

USAA provides a low-cost insurance product for military members and their families. Standalone membership for the child of a military veteran requires that the veteran had USAA auto insurance or property/casualty insurance. The same applies for un-remarried former spouses. If your father is deceased and did not use USAA for his auto or property/casualty insurance products, then you are not eligible for membership, insurance, or any other USAA services.

There was a time when his military service alone would have allowed you to qualify for USAA insurance membership. The rules have tightened over the past few years, and the requirements for full membership require the veteran have been a member of USAA with active insurance, either auto, life, or property insurance policies.

Are There Other Products Available for Non-Active Duty Adult Children through USAA?

While you would not be entitled to what is considered “full” membership in USAA, you could have more limited membership. Some customers can have access to a wide variety of USAA Membership Services. A USAA representative can walk you through different options to see if one appeals to you.

Investments, life insurance, online shopping, and discounts on everything from rental cars to hotels to flowers could still be accessible to you and your family. There is no guarantee that you will be an eligible family for insurance services or investment products until you get online with USAA and check on your membership eligibility level

Are Other USAA Products Worth It for a Military Family?

A USAA rep can discuss the particulars with you and your family. Without a membership number from your father, the benefits you see are limited, but they could still be worth it. 

There are credit unions that may offer similar benefits in terms of banking and investments. There are even other military based organizations that may provide benefits for children whose military parent did not have a membership previously. The best way to make an informed decision is by comparing your options.

Go to or call USAA (800-531-8722) and set up a profile. Once you have a USAA number you can utilize these services.

Answered August 25, 2016 by MattyMelt

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