Hail damage paid for but not done

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In 2008 hail dented my pole barn steel roof, and shingles on my dwelling;

I fixed the roof on the dwelling, but since the pole barn damage was mostly cosmetic, I chose to not fix it and used the money for other purposes;

In June 2017 another hail storm did additional dent damages to the pole barn roof, and shingle damages to the dwelling roof…

The insurance company had expedited their adjuster to the property automatically and he, without my supervision or inputs, checked for exterior property damages…then notified me through the insurance company by email a copy of his estimated damages and costs for repair (Replacement policy), and included the pole barn in his estimates…i.e., I did not initiate any of the damages as claims…the insurance company just responded to my call about the hail storm and they initiated their adjuster’s visit.


What do I do about the amount for the pole barn roof’s new damages they included in the total check ? Should I have the work done by my contractor along with the other exterior damages?

THREE times by email (June-September 2017), I told them I choose not to claim damages for the pole barn…and no response;

The THIRD time I reminded them, and specifficlly asked for instructions for how to return the amount they paid to repair the pole barn roof…again no response”

Asked September 20, 2017

1 Answer

In the instance that you have already received money from your insurance company for repairs that need to be done, you are required to have the items repaired that are currently outlined on your provided assessment. You may have received other estimates for other incidents in the past, but if you did not pursue those repairs at that time, that was your decision.

Insurance is designed to provide you with coverage in the case of something being damaged or broken in a storm or other incident. An estimate will outline what is damaged, and what money is being provided for in order to have those items repaired. It is in your best insurance to follow your detailed estimate in order to determine what needs to be fixed using the money you have received. The most honest option would be to have items fixed as detailed. If you are unhappy with the estimate and assessment, then you will need to get in touch with your insurance provider in order to have things rectified. Whether they have responded or not, you should get in touch with them to make sure everything is on the up and up before proceeding with your repairs.

Answered September 21, 2017 by agenture

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