can agent cancel Homeowner insurance & re-assign you to another company without your knowledge/consent?

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Asked July 18, 2018

1 Answer

Insurance agents can change or drop homeowner's insurance policies for a variety of reasons. They generally have to contact you within 45 days when they drop a policy. The insurance agent may drop and re-assign you a new policy for your benefit, such as getting a better interest rate, but they still need to let you know within a certain time frame.

If there is ever any doubt or confusion on what an insurance agent may or may not do when buying or selling a house, an individual can contact a lawyer for advice. There are laws set into place to protect buyers and sellers during the home buying and selling process, and sometimes the variance in laws between states or counties can be confusing. Having a legal representative to explain these laws can be paramount for home buyers and sellers, and can greatly ease any fear or confusion that comes with the home buying process.

A captive agent works for a specific carrier such as State Farm or Liberty Mutual. There shouldn't be any way for them to transfer you to a different company unless potentially it was a switch to a subsidiary. An independent agent typically works with several carriers but would still most likely need your consent prior to switching you to a different carrier.

I would recommend you speak with your agent to get more clarification about why you were switched and why you were not notified. Once you have more information, you can decide how best to proceed.

Answered July 19, 2018 by karen

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