homeowners insurance company issued new policy without my aouthorizations or no signatures

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new policy(universal property) has no application or any docs confirming this transaction WITH MY SIGNAURES universal then submitted bill for new premium to PNC ( MORTGAGE COMPANY), PNC paid this bill without my prior knowledge nor approval from my escrow account

Also i never canceled my old policy . Now universal refuses to cancel this policy until November 17 2017.


Asked November 13, 2017

1 Answer

Insurance companies cannot go around canceling your coverage without a valid reason. They also cannot forge your signature just to sign up for a new policy. Insurance companies need a valid reason to cut you off.

1) Are you late with your payments? Insurance companies can cut you off by being late with one payment. They do need to let you know you are doing it. They need to send out a letter about 30 days in advance explaining the situation. You can use this time to get in touch with them and talk it over.

2) Did you have your driver's license suspended for any reason? Insurance companies can nail you for this too.

3) They can get you for missing information or lying on your vehicle registration.

4) Are you lying on the form you send them? Did you intentionally give them the wrong information, thereby affecting the price you pay? They consider this a no-no.

5) Did you file a claim recently? Did you omit or commit fraud when filling out the form? They will pick up on things like this and cut you off.

They will give you 30 days. The first thing you need to do is think back. Did you do any of the things we mentioned above? This may be the reason your policy is being canceled or changed. You need to talk to them right away. You can find a way to straighten this mess out.

They need to abide by certain rules, and so do you. Ask them how they got your signature. There may be a computer glitch. There may be someone working for them who made the mistake. If this is the case, then it is an internal issue on their end.

Answered November 14, 2017 by Whitt

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