How do you find your old auto insurance policy information?

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Asked August 30, 2011

1 Answer

There are 3 basic ways to find out what was on your old policy, what exclusions it contained and any riders or waivers that were placed on it. You can either read through the policy yourself, call the insurance company that issued the policy, or look the policy up in your insurance company's online database.

If you still have a copy of your old insurance policy, you can read through it to find out exactly how the policy was worded. When an insurance policy is mailed to you, it is printed to reflect your exact coverage, such as adding roadside service or towing, and will explain exactly how long the policy is effective.

If you do not have the policy any longer, contact the insurance company that issued the policy and explain that you need to access the information contained in that policy. Be prepared to fully identify yourself and to provide enough information for the representative you speak to be able to find the policy information.

Some websites allow policyholders to access the insurance policy information online. If your insurance company is one of those, you can log in at the company website and look up any information you need to have. If you can't find the database, look for an instant chat window on the page that will allow you to immediately exchange a written dialog with a company representative.

While reviewing your old insurance policy, look for coverage gaps or insurance that is no longer needed. One example would be GAP coverage on a car that has been paid off. Since GAP is only intended to pay off a car loan or lien, maintaining the coverage after the loan has been settled will not provide you with any sort of coverage at all.

Answered August 30, 2011 by Anonymous

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