How much does car insurance cost for a 20 year old?

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Asked February 10, 2011

1 Answer

Insurance may cost different amounts for two 20 year olds living on the same street. The factors involved include age and location, but they also include such things as individual driving history and how well the person is doing in school if they are still a student. What is certain across all 20 year old drivers is that they are in the highest risk age group of all motorists, and their car insurance premiums will be higher than everyone else. Students can maintain a grade point average of 3.0 and higher qualify for discounts on their car insurance.

Some of the factors which you may not think of as contributing to your car insurance premiums are things such as what type of job you have, and how far you must drive each day to get to work. Car insurance companies use more than a dozen factors to get a risk assessment, and each one of them may raise or lower your adjusted premium costs.

To keep the cost of insurance down, drive an older car without collision coverage and park it inside a single dwelling garage at night, or at least under a carport. Keep the amount of miles you travel to a minimum and you can qualify for low mileage discounts. Theft deterrent devices are usually worthy of an insurance discount, plus the obvious decision to maintain a safe driving history.

Many insurance companies will also give you a discount on car insurance if you sign up for and take a voluntary driver improvement course. Such a course must be completely voluntary, not one that has been mandated by the court or is taken in order to have points removed from your driving history.

Answered February 10, 2011 by Anonymous

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