I thought union fidelity sold cancer policies. Am I wrong?

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Asked July 25, 2016

1 Answer

Yes it's covered. If you have cancer or some aspect of the disease, it is covered under some of their policies. However, there are some catches to this provision. Number one, it will cost you anywhere between $50 a month to $200 a year to be covered.

Next, this is a supplemental insurance policy only. It's not meant to offer complete coverage for the cancer treatments, medications or medical visits a person has to go through. It's not even meant to be a replacement for your normal insurance. In other words, don't go out and cancel your entire policy, just because you have your cancer insurance policy. You'll need your normal policy as you move forward.

Basically, it's only meant to be used as an accessory to the health insurance cover age you have right now. If you want to know what all is covered under this policy, it's best to speak to your company representative. You policy might be different from someone else's.

The other thing you have to be weary of is the paperwork. If you are going in for treatment, the company will ask for details on this. Let's say you want to file a claim to get some of your out-of-pocket expenses back. Union Fidelity will require you to turn in the doctor's notes. You will have to have it all documented, if you want to get them to take a look at it.

Some are calling this policy a second-class rating to Mutual of Omaha. This is merely opinion and every one has one. This is about the facts. If you want to get a clear view of what all is required before you file a claim, speak to your representative today.

Answered July 26, 2016 by GWGLife

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