Is Insurance Company of the West a Good Company?

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Asked January 14, 2013

1 Answer

Insurance Company of the West is one of several companies which, combined, form the ICW Group of insurance companies. The company was founded in 1972, and is based in San Diego, California. The combined companies furnish personal and commercial insurance to more than 150,000 policyholders around the nation.

Financial Rating
Insurance Company of the West is owned by the Ernest Rady Trust, and is rated under the parent company by the A.M. Best financial ratings company. In total, the Ernest Rady Trust is considered to have assets in excess of 250 million dollars, and was most recently rated in September of 2012. They are rated as "A-" (excellent) with a matching "a-" rating for their long term outlook. The company is considered to be financially stable.

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Customer Satisfaction
Insurance Company of the West believes that helping their customers excel is mark of how well they are doing themselves. Because of this, customer service is a priority. Additionally, the company is represented by independent agents and brokers, which is sometimes considered the most customer friendly way to purchase policies, because independent agents work for the customer rather than being paid directly by the insurance company.

Company Availability
The ICW Group, and through it, Insurance Company of the West, is available in all 50 states plus the District of Columbia. Customers can also purchase new policies online, update their accounts, report a claim and perform other functions as a policyholder through the main ICW Group website.

Insurance Products Offered
The ICW Group of insurance companies provide a full complement of insurance products. These include personal auto insurance, earthquake insurance, Workers Compensation, Surety insurance, and liability protection. Because Insurance Company of the West is part of a group of insurers, it may be difficult to determine where Insurance Company of the West coverage end and the services of a sister insurance corporation begin. The idea is to provide customers with a seamless base of applicable insurance products, with individual policies written under different corporate entities.

Answered January 14, 2013 by Anonymous

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