Is MetLife a good insurance company?

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Asked August 30, 2011

1 Answer

Metropolitan Life, perhaps better known as MetLife, is considered the one of the world's leading insurance companies. With an estimated 3.6 trillion dollars in insurance policies, 12 percent of which are auto insurance policies, the company has more than 70 million customers. In 2006 they had around 527 billion dollars in verifiable assets.

Financial Rating
A.M. Best gives MetLife an A+ rating. This rating is a couple of notches lower than it could be, but still shows the company as a reliable one for writing insurance policies as well as a sound place for potential investors to put their money. The A+ will likely be upgraded as soon as the economy begins to turn around, which could start to happen any time in the next year.

Customer Satisfaction
Customer satisfaction is one area where MetLife could do with some improvements, with an eye-catching number of people taking online satisfaction polls reporting unfavorable results from dealings with the company. Keep in mind, however, that online reviews have a tendency to be slanted, with more dissatisfied customers looking for a place to vent than happy customers bragging about the experience.

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Company Availability
MetLife is widely available, selling insurance in 44 of the 50 states. Their reputation as a strong and dependable company means that you can rest assured of receiving the same treatment from a MetLife office on the West coast as one in the Eastern United States.

The Bottom Line
MetLife is a very large, very stable company, and that means you have no fear of them defaulting on your policy, or disappearing in the near future. The company has offices in most states, and more than 70 million customers, which should be an indication of how well they can handle your insurance needs as well. MetLife is also a leading underwriter of life and health insurance policies, and offers discounts to those who purchase multiple lines of insurance from them.

Answered August 30, 2011 by Anonymous

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