Is there Non Owners Automobile coverage in Michigan?

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Asked July 15, 2016

1 Answer

This type of insurance is available in the state of Michigan. It's a great way for a primary driver, one who does not own a vehicle, to remain insured. One of the papers you will need to fill out for this is the SR22 Bond. This type of insurance satisfies the minimum liability laws. This is also categorized as a "named operator policy."

There are some downfalls to this policy. It will not cover any medical expenses you might have incurred. It will only cover the liability end of things. This policy is a great way for Michigan drivers to be insured, especially if they don't have any traditional insurance of their own.

This is not for everyone. It's best to see if you qualify first. Just because Michigan allows this type of insurance, doesn't mean every driver should get it. It's also not an excuse to "skirt" the insurance policy requirements. This policy does have limitations. It also has certain qualifications that the driver must meet with.

It's best to speak with an insurance agent in Michigan. You need to see what options you have with this. You will definitely get some pretty cheap rates, no matter what company you go with. However, the cheap rates and non-medical coverage will leave you exposed if you are in an accident.

Answered July 18, 2016 by JohnBoy

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