Jewelry misplaced at jewelry store…claim submitted…handled?

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Asked June 8, 2016

1 Answer

If you have submitted a claim with your insurance company, then it is beneficial for you to become well acquainted with precisely how it reads and what it covers.

Most jewelers would offer an equivalent or return a cash value for those items. That is where the hazy area comes into play. Your insurance company will obviously use an independent evaluation company (and one that will most likely run the jewelry value at a higher end), but this may not be the case for the jeweler in question.

Regarding anything else that you need to, or should do - staying in some type of regular contact with your insurance company so that you know where the process is at and your insurance agent know that you want this settled in the most efficient way with the best possible outcome, may be the most effective action you can take.

Stay proactive and here's to hoping for the best!"

Answered June 9, 2016 by mpreston01

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