He just got my license plate picture and vehicle registration

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I got in a very minor bumping accident, not even anything noticeable. He took a picture of my license plate and a picture of the registration of the vehicle. How does that work ? Shouldn’t he need my license and etc ?”

Asked May 17, 2016

1 Answer

Your accident could be labeled a hit and run if you don't call the police. Let the police consider the severity of the accident. They will also give you advise on how to handle your situation. Know your insurance policy, because some policies require you to call legal authorities in the event of any accident.

You need to obtain license plate numbers, vehicle registration and driver's license numbers, telephone numbers, names and addresses of all the drivers involved. Make sure all information is correct and matches the driver and vehicle. Get driver's license numbers, names, phone numbers and addresses of any passengers or eye witnesses. Take pictures of the vehicles, damages and any obstacles or traffic controls in the scene around the accident. This information can be written on paper or you may take photos with your camera or cell phone camera. You want as much information at the scene of the accident as you can get to give to your insurance company.

An accident must be reported to the Department of Motor Vehicles within 10 days if there is an injury or vehicle damage is more than $750.00. Damages can be worse than they appear. And, keep in mind that accident related injuries can show up several days after an accident, so don't sign any papers releasing liability. Cooperate with your insurance company and keep all accident related materials for your protection.

Be aware auto accident fraud is common. Perpetrators create seemingly minor accidents by disregarding the right of way, giving up the right of way to cause an accident or suddenly stopping for no apparent reason. Use caution if you're contacted by an attorney, referred to a body shop, medical or law office if you did not specifically request a recommendation from your insurance company.

Answered May 18, 2016 by teddyx

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