My neighbors pool collapsed and caused water damage to my basement; will homeowners insurance cover this damage?

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Asked July 31, 2018

2 Answers

Yes your home insurance policy should cover this. However there can always be difference in coverage from one company to the next. Best would be to call you specific company to insure that it is covered to be 100% sure.

Answered August 20, 2018 by AndrewKennedy

If your neighbors own a swimming pool, their insurance company wants to know about it. If their pool were to collapse and damage any part of your house, you can file a claim through your homeowners insurance. Your insurance provider would then contact your neighbors insurance provider for you. If for some reason your neighbors do not have a homeowners insurance policy, your insurance provider would likely go after your neighbors directly.

Most people who own their own homes have homeowners insurance. However, if your neighbors are renting their home and do not have renters insurance, you may need to obtain contact with the actual homeowner to resolve the issue.

Talk with your homeowner insurance provider about the correct procedure for filing a claim against a neighbor who has damaged your property. Your insurance provider can provide you with inside information as to where you are in the claim and if the neighbors will fight you over the claim.

Always enlist the professional advice from your insurance provider.

Answered August 2, 2018 by bestrates

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