Is personal property (tools, ect) in my car covered under my renter’s policy if stolen out of my car?

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Asked October 24, 2015

1 Answer

Most renters insurance policies cover thefts of personal property, whether that personal property is in your rented house or apartment or is somewhere else. In theory, your rental insurance policy should cover personal property that is stolen from your car.

In practice, however, it may be a bit trickier to collect from your renters insurance on items stolen from your car. First off, your insurer may require you to have proof of the items, such as a sales or credit card receipt. There also may be exclusions regarding what property is and is not covered. You also might have a deductible that is higher than the value of the stolen property, which means you will get no reimbursement at all.

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If your car is stolen, your comprehensive coverage, if you have it, should cover any personal items in the car. However, comprehensive will not cover thefts of property from the vehicle. You may be able to get a rider or endorsement on your auto insurance that covers theft of personal property. The best course of action is not to leave any personal property in your car at all.

Answered October 29, 2015 by Mark

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