Preventing family member from utilizing the USAA services

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I am an eligible member and have home and auto insurance through USAA.

I am estranged from my daughter and would prefer she does not receive benefits based on my participation. Do I have any control over this?”

Asked May 15, 2019

1 Answer

The short answer is probably no, but it depends on whether your daughter has ever had USAA auto or property insurance on their own before.

First of all, while USAA bills itself, as being for active and former military members and their families, you don't actually have to have any association with the military,
For example, adult former service member becomes eligible and so does his spouse and adult children. So let's say, the adult daughter gains membership by virtue of their father's service, but the daughter never joined herself. Not only does she gain access to USAA services, but her adult children, who also never served in the military, are eligible based upon her membership.

In the case of adult children of former active military members, the central question is whether they ever had either an auto insurance policy or a property insurance policy in their own name as an adult, before the two of you became estranged.

If the answer is yes, then your estranged daughter is perfectly within her rights to get a USAA membership and policy for herself.

Bear in mind though, that if your daughter's previous policies were in your name, with her named as part of the policy, then in all likelihood, she won't be eligible for a USAA policy, at least according to their website.

Answered May 24, 2019 by MattyMelt

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