My car is titled in my name and dad’s in Nebraska. I now live in Illinois. Do I insure in Illinois?

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Asked July 5, 2017

2 Answers

Hello... yes you should have the car insured in the state where it is garaged. With dad still on the title you would want to make sure to mention that to your agent. Your agent will add your dad as an additional insured until he is removed from the title.

Best of luck with everything and welcome to IL.


Answered July 10, 2017 by NickUparrot

When it comes to getting what you need out of your time driving throughout the state, you not only need to keep your automobile registered, you need to also have the best insurance plan that you can find. As someone who lives and drives in the state of Illinois, you will need to do all you can to switch your car over in terms of both registration and Illinois.

Because every state has a grace period for when you must switch your registration and title after moving, you need to learn all of the logistical matters that you must follow. It is critical that you register and insure your vehicle in the state of Illinois under the Department of Motor Vehicles requirements.

In this regard, you need to start researching some car insurance companies that can help you. They will give you breakdowns of insurance rates based on the state of Illinois so that you are able to find the rates that you can afford each and every month. You will then lock in your car insurance rates based on your ZIP Code and the year, make and model of vehicle. The prices that you receive will also depend on the driving record that you have maintained over the years.

For example, if you have been in car accidents or gotten tickets or other moving violations over the years, you will most likely have higher premium rates to pay than someone who has a cleaner driving record. It is very necessary that you turn to the help of a car insurance company that is able to assist you in registering your vehicle in the state of Illinois with no problem.

Answered July 7, 2017 by kai127

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