I want to put insurance on my boyfriends car, and not list him as a driver on the insurance policy.

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I am wanting to insure my boyfriends car (which is in his name) but I do not want to list him as a driver on my insurance policy due his BAD driving record. It’s WAY to expensive to be in his name or be listed as a driver. I have heard you can’t do this and they need to be listed as a driver. Just wondering what the consequences are if he were to get pulled over, and the insurance card does NOT have his name on it, just mine.


Asked June 7, 2017

1 Answer

The owner of a vehicle takes out insurance on the same. All drivers are required to carry proof of insurance in the car at all times in Minnesota. Insurance is also a requirement for vehicle registration. This means the registered owner of the vehicle has to take out the insurance policy on the car. If you do not carry appropriate insurance, your vehicle registration could be suspended as well as your driver’s license. You may also incur fines and possible imprisonment.

A bad driving record attracts the high-risk auto insurance cover. This draws higher insurance rates. The Minnesota Automobile Insurance Plan, MNAIP, guarantees high-risk drivers insurance. All insurance companies in Minnesota participate in the program, and you can shop for a cheaper option here.

If you do not own the car but still drive it, you can take insurance on the vehicle. A non-owner car insurance cover is very effective in this case. This is like a driver's only insurance and does not exempt the owner's insurance on the vehicle but rather complement it. It is cheaper and is usually effected when the primary insurance levels have been exhausted.

This cover may not be as comprehensive as a standard cover and may exclude such things as deductibles and reimbursements. You only require a valid driver's license to obtain the cover. It provides an excellent option for you to drive some else's car and maintain low rates by avoiding lapsing. It is expensive since the owner still has to take insurance on the car.

A cheaper option might be to get the registration of the car revised by the DMV to include both you and the owner as the registered owners. This will allow you to take insurance on the car directly and at a cheaper rate and add your friend as a driver on the policy. It also enables your high-risk partner to enjoy lower premiums and still keep his name on the car.

Answered June 8, 2017 by jamesjones

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