I wanted to know if an SR22 changes (increases) my insurance rate?

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Asked July 26, 2011

1 Answer

An SR22 is a certificate of financial compliance, and while it is typically purchased through an auto insurance provider, it does not specifically insure anything. In one sense, the requirement of carrying an SR22 may not directly increase your insurance rate, but the additional cost of the SR22 will be added to that rate to make it appear as though the premiums had increased.

On the other hand, driving offenses which warrant having to carry an SR22 are typically serious enough to add enough points to your driving record that your insurance rates will go up the next time your driving history is pulled by the insurance company. In this situation, the SR22 itself is not the cause of the increase, but is merely one of the repercussions of the driving offense itself.

When the SR22 and auto insurance policy are bundled together, your rates will increase by the amount of the SR22. In many states, such as Florida, an SR22 is generally a rider that is purchased in addition to the regular policy. When you have met the legal requirement surrounding the SR22, it can be removed from your coverage and your rates will go down by an amount equal to or greater than the cost of the SR22.

If you already had points on your license when you were required to get an SR22, you may actually see your premiums go down while the SR22 is in effect as old points are cycled off your driving history. In this situation, even the increase caused by the certificate are outweighed by establishing yourself as a lower risk to the insurance companies. This can also be accomplished by taking a voluntary driver improvement course.

Answered July 26, 2011 by Anonymous

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