What will it cost to get a physical if I don’t have any health insurance?

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Asked March 26, 2014

1 Answer

How much are typical costs for a physical exam?

The cost of a physical examination varies from location to location and even between different doctors and other medical care providers. Because of this, there is no way to predict what your costs will be. To find out, you will need to check with medical service providers in your area to find out what doctors charge. In most situations, the cost of a physical will be nearly the same regardless of which caregiver you choose.

Your best option is to contact multiple physicians or care centers and compare the prices they charge. If the physical is required by an employer or other organization, you may be referred to a specific medical center that performs the duties for all applicants from that source. In this situation, the place which refers you will probably be able to give you an idea of what the physical will cost because they have a contract with the caregivers involved.

How much is a preventive care visit?

An annual physical exam may be covered under your annual visit to your doctor for preventative care.

During this appointment with a doctor who is usually your primary care physician, you will get an exam that is usually covered by your insurance company. During this wellness visit, you may have your blood pressure, weight and height, blood tests, heart rate (pulse), cholesterol, and other testing at this office visit.

You'll also be asked about your medication and possibly referred for additional medical treatment if you're having problems.

Will your insurance cover a required physical exam?

The good news for you is that a physical exam may not be covered even if you do have health insurance. For example, sending a child to camp might require a physical before the child can attend, but such procedures are considered voluntary by insurance plans. Very few insurance plans will cover such examinations, leaving the patients to pay for physicals out of pocket.

If you already have a family physician, contact him or her. In many cases, your family doctor will provide the service for a low, flat fee. They can do this because they already have some familiarity with the patient being examined, rather than having to start fresh and establish the medical history of the patient. There is no legal requirement that you receive a discount for these services, but many doctors would prefer to take a small loss than to lose you to another physician.

Answered March 26, 2014 by Anonymous

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