Who is covered by my homeowners insurance coverage?

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Asked July 9, 2012

1 Answer

Homeowners insurance is designed to protect you and your family against named perils as well as any liability claims brought against you by someone who is not an immediate family member. In that respect, the insurance policy covers everyone to certain degree, but exactly what is covered will differ from person to person. One thing which homeowners insurance does not cover is the medical care of your or your family, even if the same injuries would be covered by the policy if they happened to someone else.

Your Immediate Family
You, your spouse, and your dependents are covered for bodily injury and property damage liability claims. Dependents that are not living in the home, such as a daughter who has gone off to college, would not be covered if they cause damage to someone's property away from home, and other family members, including a grandparent, nephew or cousin are not covered at all.

Your Neighbors
Your neighbors and their property are protected against injuries or damages resulting from your, your dependents, or your property. For example, if a water line on your property burst, covering the floor of your neighbor's garage or causing other damage to her property, the property damage liability portion of your home insurance policy would pay for both the repairs and the damages which resulted from the water leak.

Visitors to Your Home
Those who visit you in your home, regardless of any relationship they have to you, will be covered against bodily injury. If, for example, your best friend slipped on a walkway and broke his arm when he fell, the bodily injury portion of the homeowners policy would pay for his medical care. Coverage is not limited to family members or even to invited guests, but may include, among others, a visiting salesman, life insurance agent, or the pastor from the local church.

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Answered July 9, 2012 by Anonymous

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