Who regulates homeowners insurance?

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Asked May 21, 2012

1 Answer

Each U.S. state has a department of insurance that handles licensing, regulation, and complaints against insurance companies. The regulatory agency is usually called the Department of Insurance, but it is also known by other names or included as an agency of another department, such as the state Department of Revenue.

For homeowners, the Department of Insurance in your state is a source of all types of information, from legal requirements to information about filing a complaint against a particular insurance company. Your state's insurance department can also provide you with information regarding flood insurance and other high risk coverages that may not be available through traditional insurance companies.

Complaints against insurance companies should be lodged through the department of insurance. In some states, the insurance department can be called on to mediate claims appeals, as well. If you are having problems settling a claim with your insurance company but you feel that the claim is valid, contact the Department of Insurance and find out how the process works in your state.

Every home insurance company must be licensed to sell insurance in each state individually. Because the insurance laws differ between states, not all insurance companies seek licensing for every state. If you are not sure whether an insurance company is available in your area, the Department of Insurance will provide you with a list of all companies authorized to sell insurance, along with specifics about the types of insurance available from each company. For example, Allstate does not sell home insurance in Florida, but they do provide several other lines of coverage.

Answered May 21, 2012 by Anonymous

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