Will having a baby affect my car insurance?

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Asked August 26, 2013

1 Answer

Even though small children indisputably increase the distractions a driver must face, the effect a baby has on your auto insurance rates may come as a surprise. The fact is, most people see a decrease in their car insurance premiums after a baby is born, because having children cause an interesting reaction in parents.

In many ways, the responsibility of a newborn child brings out the best in parent drivers. Statistically, parents are more careful after a baby is born. They take more care to drive safely in order to protect their infant, such as driving the speed limit or remembering to wear safety belts. Furthermore, having a baby is often the third step in starting a family, following getting married and buying a family home, both of which add up to discounts on your car insurance. To insurance companies, the responsibilities of starting a family equate to a lower risk to insure.

Parents with young children tend to travel less than singles or couples without children. Since the child necessitates more attention and reduces the social time available, parents spend more time at home and less behind the wheel of a car.

Another factor which often reduces the premiums for people with a baby is automobile safety. Instead of buying the fastest sports car on the market, new parents tend towards cars with high highway safety ratings and features. This includes side and curtain airbags, electronic stability control, and theft deterrent devices, to name only a few. The gist of the matter is that your desires to protect your new child from harm cause you to modify your choice in vehicles to those which are more favored by insurers.

Answered August 26, 2013 by Anonymous

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